Ekonom sökes!

Är du grym på siffror och vill bli en del av vårt fantastiska team? Nu söker vi en ekonom. Läs mer och ansök här–>  http://www.jobbet.se/platsannons/ekonom-the-friendly-swede-5.9873  

You will not believe your eyes when you see what these 10 incredible digital artist have created

1. Digital art can be used for a variety of things. Here the artist Chris LaBrooy has created a yummy poster. To see more of Chris visit his website: http://www.chrislabrooy.com/   2. Another artist that knows how to make us hungry is the Egyptian-born illustrator Sharif Tarabay. To see more ofSharif visit his website: http://www.illustrationweb.com/artists/JeanCharle/view   3. Digital […]

15 photos that will make you want to visit Sweden

Make sure Sweden hits your bucket list this summer as we reveal 15 stunning reasons that will make you want to visit Sweden 1. Visby 2. Uppsala   3. Uppsala 4. Stockholm 5. Stockholm  6. Stockholm  7. Möllesund  8. Umeå 9. Kitkiöjärvi  10. Kitkiöjärvi  11. Kitkiöjärvi  12. Ice Hotel in Kiruna 13. Ice Hotel in Kiruna  14. […]

July Employees of the month!

July employees of the month We would like to highlight the awesome work some TFS team members have been doing for the last month. Congratulations to Team DE and Team FR/IT for the great job you’ve done!  🙂 TEAM DE Anna UB Elin K. Linda G.  Natascha W. TEAM FR/IT Gabriele M. Rebecca L.

10 tips to stay healthy during vacation

It’s easier to keep a healthy lifestyle when you have a routine.  To get your training done, you might go to the gym, go for a run in your neighborhood, have a weekly Zumba class, bike to work, etc. Meal wise, you can fill your fridge with fresh ingredients and if you go out to […]

TFS secret meeting unveiled

The Friendly Swede has been going through a lot of changes since its beginning. There are many talented and creative team members who helped shaped what TFS is today. Yesterday, some of these members discussed for hours about the future of the company at a lovely little conference facility called Fagerudd, nearby Enköping. It was […]


All of our UK customers have the possibility to participate in a fun keyword hunt today. The 50 first participant will receive a great discount on one of our best selling products. See below for instructions: 1. Go to Amazon.co.uk 2. Search for “iphone 4 charger” 3. Browse through the pages until you find our […]
Sign copy

A new sign

Earlier this week we got a big sign on the outside of our office building. Now entire Uppsala can see where we are and we are no longer the only company in the building without a sign 🙂 Do you like it?

Barbecue Season

One of the nicest things about summer is the smell of barbecue. There is not much that won’t taste better after being grilled for a while; meat, fish, vegetables, marshmallows, you name it! With the start of September the temperature has started to decrease. However barbecue season is far from over. Early autumn evenings could […]


Earlier today we received these awesome pictures from one of our customers, Henry 9 years. Henry has used our DIY Paracord Kit to create his own cool survival bracelet. He call it the Quick Release Fire Starter Bracelet. Do you want to make your own Paracord Bracelet? Or maybe you have another Paracord idea? If […]

Welcome to the first TFS blog post

Welcome! We, in The Friendly Swede team, are very excited to welcome you to our first blog post. In this blog we will keep you updated on what is going on in the company. Whether you are new to us or have been a friend of the TFS team for a long time, our hope is […]
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